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We offer modern-life people suffering from stress, depression, infertility, anxiety and high blood pressure the chance to 'decelerate' in a simple, natural environment. Visitors are invited to re-unite with the Mother Earth and her healing power via Shinrin-Yoku, 'forest bathing' and the magic of our cacti garden.


The “Magic Forest Montseny” is situated in a Natural Park 60 kilometers north of Barcelona, Spain. At a level of 528m high, it offers a Mediterranean climate with abundant sunlight, clean air, silence, crystal water, vibrant forest and expansive views.

Our sanctuary has been created for all those who are searching for a way to break out of their stressful daily lives and wishing to experience a slower pace.


Our programs have been designed to make a sustained change through a deep reconnection to nature.

While you are here, you have the chance to develop a deep felt relationship with the woods and dive intensely into them.

Entering this ancient ecosystem you may decelerate and decomprees, while at the same time activate and enliven your senses. Your will be able to listen to the universal language of the trees, sense the plants, observe even the most tiny stones, taste some medicinal plants, feel the ground beneath your bare feet, and breathe in the aroma of the earth.


No need to think or analyze, just relax and let your natural sense of joy guide you. The vibrant forest invites you to experience its therapeutic power, regardless of where you come from, what your income is or what intention you have to get in touch with nature. Trees heal unconditionally and as many studies prove, your body and health benefit from their aroma, colours, humidity and oxygen. Your blood pressure and stress hormone levels (cortisol and adrenalin) are significantly reduced due to their quietness and regenerative climate. Science shows us that when in nature, feelings of anxiety and anger even depressions are reduced while vitality, creativity and clarity of your mind increased.



On our property we have created a cacti garden reuniting cacti from all over the world.


What is unique about this place? (translated)


The energetic quietness and deep expansion of my consciousness that I experienced 

The rocking of the hammock, in just that field

The observing and feeling in my inner and outer being

The vibration without words

The old house that breathes and tells me stories

The wisper of the cacti

The sun that shines above the mountain and blazes your land

The evenings at the fire

The work, cooking, painting or outside, in harmony with my own pace

Yoga with you, dear Brid

Handcraft, knitting, crochet, embroidery and stiching in the house close to the fire

To gaze at the growing and blossom or rather observe the cacti and all that is there

The smell of the air and the freshness in the air

Good and helpful conversations with you, dear Brid

The deep, tranquile and dreamfull sleep in your house (and maybe soon in a cabin)

The delicious, simple food that has been conjured


by U.B.



Was ist das einzigartige an diesem Platz? (Original)


Die energiegeladene Ruhe und tiefe Erweiterung meines Bewusstsein die ich erfahren habe

Die Schaukelbewegung der Hängematte, in genau diesem Feld

Das Schauen und Spüren in meinem inneren und äußeren Dasein

Die Schwingung ohne Worte

Das alte Haus was atmet und mir Geschichten erzählt

Das Flüstern der Kakteen

Die Sonne, welche über den Berg scheint und euer Land erstrahlen lässt

Die Abende am Feuer

Das Arbeiten, ob es Kochen, Streichen oder draußen ist, im Einklang mit meinem eigenen Tempo

Yoga mir dir, liebe Brid

Handarbeiten, Stricken, Häkeln, Sticken und Nähen im Haus bei Feuerschein

Wachstum und blühen betrachten bzw. beachten der Kakteen und allem was da ist

Der Geruch der Luft und die Frische in der Luft

Gute und hilfreiche Gespräche mit dir, lieber Brid 

Das tiefe, ruhige und traumreiche schlafen können bei euch im Haus (und vielleicht auch bald in einer der Hütten)

Das leckere, einfache Essen was gezaubert wird


von U.B. 

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