About us

We are a 40.000 m² retreat center on the Montseny mountain, just one hour north from Barcelona. 

Our sacred place provides you with a perfect environment for going back in time, when life was simple and for experiencing the restorative power of nature in the National Parc and UNESCO biosphere reserve.  

Bridget Céline, Founder

I’ve always been drawn to nature. Growing up in a small village we had a cow meadow next to our house. Poplars decorated the farm tracks and fields of crops and sugar beets where in the area, offering us children the possibility to see food grow. There was a plum tree which I climed and who offered me a place of retreat and quietness when life was just too much. 


Every summer my family and I spent six weeks on a camping sight in southern france in a pine forest. The trees, sand, sun and ocean restored us from school life.  The place unconditionally offering us its oders, sounds, feeling the earth under our bare feet and living outside was a great joy during my childhood and teenlife. Coming home, having a bath room close to my room always felt like living in luxurious conditions all year long. It taught me how to live a simple life. 


During my studies in European Business Administration in Cologne I got trapped in urban living, feeling unconfortable and getting sick in the city and university not knowing what was missing. My move to Barcelona opened my vision for nature again, being very close to the mediterranean sea and close to the Montseny for seven years. After  finishing my yoga teacher training and after the birth of my son we were lucky to move at the foot of the Montseny, enjoying its view and undeniable energy. 


Pregnant with my daughter, we decided to go back to Germany to be closer to our families and lived again, in an urban area. Being a country bumpkin, it was impossible for me to stay in the city and we moved to the country side close to Cologne. The forest´s green, the hills and skies called me. That was the moment when Andreas and I were introduced by a common friend and we meditated in his garden, in the forest, stayed the nights in the woods and went to retreats together sharing our passion for nature. 


In 2016 we decided to search for a place for his cacti babys in the south and the Montseny was calling very loud inside of me. We went to Catalunya with our three children and I presented this magic place to them. We found cacti and analized the earth, temperature, weather conditions and prayed to find a suitable place.

Three weeks later a friend called us to present us Can Deumalons, the land that we now call „Magic Forest Montseny“. We watch over the house built in 1890 and preserved its charme. Its stillness emanating frees, the healing „Tordera“ river and mountain immerses peace and nourishes you – body, mind and spirit. We are so blessed to share its medicine with you.  

Andreas, Founder

Since my childhood I have a deep connection to the forest and nature.

I grew up near an old forest of beeches, oaks and pines. Small creeks meandering throught the trees and rocks, small lakes surrounded by big old trees leaning over the water. As often as I could I spent time in the forest, alone and with friends, sometimes days, campying there.

I still remember when I was 6, walking through the forest near our village with my grandfather, a man who has worked his whole life in the forest. He explained me the value of trees. I was touching beeches, smelling the bark, my nose full of this fragrance.

I experienced the different forms of lifes, the dance of the forest through the seasons.

We walked through the forest in autum, when the leaves were falling from the crownes of the beeches. Silence, only the noise, when the leaves touching the ground and the unique smell of autumn. Or in winter, when the forest is covered in snow and no wind was blowing and the special stillness around us, when everything looked like frozen and the question arose: „How does it come back to life?“

Than in spring, when sun warmed up and everything started to green up, flowers everywhere and this gentle light shining through the trees. Life everywhere.

I remember the ot summers, when I walked barefeet and very slow over roots and rocks, swiming in the lakes.

Since my family moved to a city for work, I have had the longing for returning to the forest, to nature. I was 8 years old and I remember looking out of the window from our flat in a high building in the city to see the mounainrange with al the forest at the horizont.

As often as I could sometimes every weekend I took the bus to visit my grandfather, to work in the garden and to be in the forest. This gave me strength and happiness, relieved my stress, calmed my soul. Nature fullfilled me, charged me and gave me more then any technology could ever give.

I felt how much we can make out of ourselves, by spending time in the forest. With a growing awarness and attention, the effect multiplied.

I worked in different cities over the last 30 years, and moved 300 miles away from home. And over the years the relationship to nature strenghented, despite of living an urban life.

After the birth of my son a new awarness of responsibility for our following generations started growing. I felt the importance of sustaining natural habitats and teach our children about the relationsship to nature.

Since a couple of years I am working on the vision to bring this simple and joyful possibility to other people, for theirself improvement and also to learn the value of sustaining nature and natural habitats. I would like that people discover this unique and simple method and are empowered to act local for our nature and our planet.

Thats why my wife and I made a big step last year and bought a unique and secluded property at Montseny Natural Park. We did to preserve this unique place and as an opportunity for people who are looking to release their stress, reconnecting with nature and drecrease their bondage to pharmaceuticals and technology. Poeple nowadays are looking for simple methods to relax their mind and body. And we offer one.

Today you can find a lot of information in all kind of media, but until you put yourself into action and practice, until you connect to nature, connect to yourself, all these information are helpless and theoretical.


With people who wish a change, I want to share my knowledge and experiences and how simple it is to make a change. It is the right moment. Now.

08469 Montseny, Barcelona, Spain

0049 163 285 4043