Retreats - individual & mini group retreats

We provide:

Our services are mindfully based on individuality and take care for everyone´s pace and disposition.

Discover your own rhythm- this is basic for each of our programs. It is very important to us that you find your individual balance between action and relaxation. YOU decide in which activities you would like to participate, if you prefer to take a nap or read a book in the hammock. You choose your personal degree of social interaction.

Individual counseling and fitted programs, massages and holistic coaching are available during your stay.

Feel and decide for yourself what is best for you in every single moment.

We would like to prepare your stay as carefull as possible and therefore each participant will receive an application form with several questions. In order to guarantee high quality and best results we work with individual and couples only.


You will quickly feel at home here like a member of our family.

Our facilities offer a superbly natural and ancient ambience with friendly, trustworthy and competent staff, and regional organic food is prepared in a wholesome manner by us.

Brunch and dinner are vegetarian- style and cleansing mono diet.

Please advise us in advance of your special diet needs and we will do our best to find the food you prefer.

You will sleep comfortably in screened double-rooms inside the farm house. Single rooms are bookable on request.

A compost toilet is available in order to reduce our water consumption as well as a normal one and warm water showers are at your disposition. Electricity is provided for charging electronical devices which can be used in your room. We highly recommend you to experience electronical detox in order to disconect even more from daily chalenges. 

You will rest well here, basking in serene tranquility by day and in unforgettable river symphony by night. 

Let go fasting - detox 

Base fasting and fasting according to Dr. Buchinger & Bridget 

Take your time off in nature to detox your body, mind and emotions with fasting. The program will be a mix of yoga, meditation, trecking, journaling, sleeping, relaxing, etc. 

If you wish to go deeper into your letting go process you can add your "let go coaching" sessions. Its time to stop. 

Fertility one-to-one or personal couple retreat - Barcelona

Nowadays we are used to control most things in our lives. Waiting to conceive can bring a woman and couples to their limits, creating anger, desperation and lack of understanding the univers´ logic. 

When the wish arises in a woman´s heart the pre-conceptin is already done. You offer your body and life to a child and faith in the divine, creativ energy can help you. 

For further information, please click here. 

Fertility retreat - just slow down

Are your emotions and thoughts driving you crazy? 

Are you looking for a holistic and professional coach for your pre-conception phase?

And would like to share your experiences with other women? 

Then get inspired and make your next step here. 


Individual retreat

Your life is stuck and you have a particular challenge to deal with? Take your time, connect to nature and we will design an individual program for you. 

Lets create something unique for you. 


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