Fertility Retreat - just slow down

22.06.-29.06.19 (7 nights), 19.07.-25.07.19 (7 nights), 27.07.-03.08.19 (7 nights),  31.08.-07.09.19 (7 nights), 03.10.-10.10.19 (7 nights), 09.11.-16.11.19 (7 nights)

Do you feel like, you are just functioning in your daily life?

Do you wish to pull the break?

Then Magic Forest Montseny invites you to just slow down. 


In the middle of the Montseny protected natural park lies our traditional, Catalan farm house that is waiting for you. Here in the UNESCO biosphere reservat you can experience nature, enjoy the silence, breathe clean air, bathe in the fresh river and find your center. 


We offer you different techniques to choose from like body work, yoga, different kind of wellness massages, meditation, somatic experiencing, forest healing, cley treatment, journaling, art, production of an individual life elixir, swing meditation in the hammock, etc. to slow down your system and thoughts.


You can decide what ever is good for you and what you would like to experience. And most of all take good care for yourself.  Nobody expects anything from you.  

The body work activates your energy flow, you are slowly getting from tension to relaxation and can enjoy being with yourself and nature. 


We highly recommend to allow yourself an electronical detox as the surrounding makes it easier to disconnect from media and revise your unconcious habits of being caught up by your electronical devices. 


Included in the price is 3-4 hours activity per day, talking circle, brunch, dinner, snacks, beverages, accomodation in double or single room, joy included. 


You will have enough time to intuitively decide if you wish massages as often as you like. This is an extra service for 88 Euros/hour. Make sure to reserve our hands for you. 


"I am so eternally grateful to you, Brid. Thank you for empowering me - and so many other women - to find our sacred space within us. Your love and compassion make this world a better place." K.R. 


We are happy to listen to your needs. 


The investment in yourself in this exclusive beauty of Montseny for 7 nights is 

1919 Euro, tax included. 


Payment conditions: 50 % of the total is due in advance. 50 % of the total is to be paid until 60 days before the retreat.

Cancelation policy: 25 % of the total price is refundable until 60 days before the retreat. 50 % of the total price is refundable until 31 days before the retreat. Last minute concelation (30-0 days) is not refundable.


Restrictions: drug free, no alcohol, we recommend electronic free.


Not included in the price are flight tickets, airport transfert, rental car service, insurance, additional activities.



The mediterranean sea is aprox. 30 km away and if you want to refresh before or after the retreat, feel free to do so.  

We are happy to welcome you.

Bridget Céline Michael, mother, founder, parents-to-be & pregnancy coach, yoga teacher, wellness masseuse, entrepreneur, and a lot more...

08469 Montseny, Barcelona, Spain

0049 163 285 4043