Vision & story

Our vision is to offer modern-life-people the possibility to decelerate in a simple and natural environment, to re-unite with the forest and to intensify their creative potential. 


In January 2017 we decided to take a courageous step and bought a property in the Natural Park of Montseny, close to Barcelona. The four hectars of UNESCO biosphere reserve allows us to create, build and share this unique spot in the forest with you.

Brid used to live at the foot of the Montseny as early as in 2006 and has good relations to some dear and supportive friends. Thanks to their contacts, experiences and ideas our renovation is going on smoothly and we get in contact with extraordinary locals.

Our actual plan is to free the natural stones from their white colour inside the old farm house to unfold its ancient beauty and charme of simplicity. We will modernize the electric instalation, amplify the bath area with more shower cubicles and sinks, separate two new rooms, changing the wood floor in the upper floor, freeing the ruin from plants in order to convert it into a seminar space and therapy room.

The helping hands of so many people have turned it into a joined ambition, showing that united strength has the power to create whatever.

We would like to serve the land, serve nature and serve you as guests of our „Magic Forest Montseny“.

„Unlock yourself“

08469 Montseny, Barcelona, Spain

0049 163 285 4043